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    #1 Minnetonka Wood Fence professionals in Minnetonka, Minnesota - Minnetonka Fence Builders

    Wood gates and fences are one of the top choice’s customers choose for their residential, commercial or industrial properties. Wood fences and gates have been the most popular fencing option among homeowners and business owners. They come in a variety of styles and choices that are durable, long lasting and welcoming to the eye. Depending on your needs, wants and vision for your fence and/or gates, we can help you choose what best fits you!


    Some of the advantages of wood fencing material is that they are relatively inexpensive, economical, environmentally friendly, easy to repair and highly versatile. Yes, there are other fencing materials that are less in money to buy, but. If you are looking for an economical option, wood is a great choice. Wood fences are also easy to customize, allowing you to express your personality and vision. Another interesting fact that separates wood fences from other types of fences is that it gets better with time as it remains in the soil and the moistness in the wood dehydrates.


    There are many different styles and wood type fences we offer that one might be contemplating. Here is a list of styles we offer but not limited to: picket fences, corral fences, lattice top fences, box frame fences, saddle fences, scallop fences, rail fences, privacy fences, board on board fences and estate fences. If none of these styles of types of fences are something you are looking for, not to worry! We also customize any wood fences to your needs.

    #1 Minnetonka Wood Fence professionals in Minnetonka, Minnesota - Minnetonka Fence Builders

    There are many types of wood choices to choose from. We offer different types of wood which are Cedar, Redwood, Douglas Fir, Pine and Cypress. With these different options, it may be hard to choose which one will best suit your property? At Minnetonka Fence Builders we will ask you some of these questions when selecting a type of lumber for your fence while still considering the local weather: Do you reside in a location where it rains a lot or is it dry year around? Does your location have freezing temperatures or does it have 100 degrees temperatures? Does the weather fluctuate or remain relatively steady? Choosing the appropriate wood material for your climate will help us in providing you with a long-lasting fence.


    When it comes to appearances, we are more than pleased to work with you to find the look that best suits your vision. While we have many stains and finishes on hand, everything from barn red to rustic oak, our crew will easily be able to seek out new stains and finishes or choose one you have already used in the past. Your happiness is our top priority.


    Choose Minnetonka Fences! Both businesses and homeowners appreciate the protection and privacy offered by our wood fences. While these wonderful fences add beauty and style to your property, keep unwanted guests away, and provide a lovely atmosphere for you. If you need a Minnetonka fence built, we are your go to guys! If you have any questions regarding a Minnetonka Wood Fence installation or quote near Minnetonka, Wayzata, Hopkins, Edina, Golden Valley, Plymouth, Medina, Shorewood, Chanhassen, Bloomington or even Minneapolis, feel free to visit us at www.minnetonkafencebuilders.com or message us at info@minnetonkafencebuilders.com. You can also reach us by simply giving us a call at (952) 522-4611! We are here to serve you.