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    Out of all the fence materials, wood fences require the most maintenance and can result in being the costliest.It is essential that wood fences be treated, stained or painted regularly. The average owner of a wood fence can anticipate spending money and time painting or staining every few years to preserve the fence’s exterior and to shield the wood from the outdoor extremities. Wood that is not maintained regularly will eventually deteriorate over time, resulting in a less durable fence with a shorter life span. The advantage of a vinyl fence is that it is nearly maintenance free and requires far less maintenance than a wood fence. Vinyl doesn’t deform, decay, peel, splinter or swell like wood. Vinyl fences also never need to be sanded down or stained. An occasional spray with a hose is the only maintenance it really needs. There are innovative designs, colors and textures in the vinyl fence industry.


    Vinyl fences keep a consistent color over time due to having a fade protection. Painted and stained wood fences will eventually peel, chip and fade over time. With vinyl fences, the exterior color is made to last and provide superior protection from the harsh sun rays. Vinyl fences keep a consistent color over time due to having fade protection. There is also more strength and flexibility with vinyl fencing which is up to 5x stronger and 4x more flexible than wood material. With vinyl fencing material, it is made to withstand everyday run-ins with lawn mowers and tree branches. Vinyl fences are typically built with a reinforced steel bottom rail for a stronger, more rigid support, reducing the probabilities of yielding or bending.


    Concealed fastenings in vinyl fence systems feature covered fasteners for a clean, organized finish. Wood fences are sometimes installed with unappealing nails, which, when exposed to the elements of weather, can come loose and rust causing the fence to deteriorate overtime.

    #1 Minnetonka vinyl Fence professionals in Minnetonka, Minnesota - Minnetonka Fence Builders

    Vinyl fences are fairly easy to assemble and install. This can potentially further help reduce a fencing cost option than that of wood material because the installation expenses will be lower. With a simpler installation, you will be able to have your fencing project completed more economically with little inconvenience. When there is less headache to deal with, the easier option is usually the first pick which is why vinyl fences are the more popular option.


    Vinyl fences can help to escalade the curb appeal of your property. Whether it is a residential or commercial property, it will serve to ensure that the property looks far more eye-catching from the outside as well as from the inside.


    It is beneficial that you increase the privacy and security of your property. This can go a long way ensuring that your property will have a higher return on investment. Increased curb appeal and improved attractiveness also helps boost this and creates a better environment for your property.


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