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    Ornamental fencing in America is mostly requested for residential properties. Although aluminum fencing is the most popular material for ornamental fencing, iron fencing is right behind it. The thing that attracts homeowners and property owners the most to ornamental fencing is the simple but stylish look. Ornamental iron and aluminum fencing and gates have their advantages and disadvantages. Equally, they are selected to display a prestigious look, increasing the aesthetic appeal overall for the landscaping of a home or commercial property.


    What is an ornamental fence and gate and how is it made? Ornamental fences and gates are prefabricated or manufactured in a shop prior to arriving at a jobsite. These fences and gates can either be picked up from a manufacturer's shop or ordered and delivered to the jobsite. Ornamental fencing is durable and long lasting, keeping your property looking great for years to come.


    Although aluminum fencing is much less costly than wrought iron fencing, it is still very durable. Ornamental fences made of aluminum or wrought iron are also very low maintenance. Compared to vinyl fencing and wood fencing, ornamental fences do not need to be cleaned or wipes down as much. Unlike wood, vinyl or iron, aluminum fencing is your best fencing option for low maintenance because it does not need to be cleaned or painted. It also does not rust therefore not requiring continuous or regular upkeep.

    #1 Minnetonka Ornamental Iron Fence professionals in Minnetonka, Minnesota - Minnetonka Fence Builders

    Ornamental fences are a great way to not only beautify your home, but to keep it safe! Ornamental fences are sturdy and strong to help keep your belongings safe from being stolen or keep intruders out from coming in. The reason why ornamental fences are so strong is because they are made out of either iron or aluminum. These tough materials are hand forged and then welded together in a shop making it one of the best-selling products for fence and gates. With our Minnetonka fence and gate installers, we make sure to keep our clients happy, feeling safe and secure! Please don’t hesitate to call us to get you a free quote on your next fence and gate installation.


    Ornamental fences can come in many designs or styles. From a classy renaissance look to a futuristic design, the options are many! Just ask one of our team members what style or design you are looking for! We are more than happy to help! Our fence and gate installations will have your neighbors or customers' attention. Our professional, highly skilled installers have many years of experience. You can count on us for great service and quality products.


    Our team strives to finish projects efficiently and on schedule. We go above and beyond for great quality work to help build long-term relationships with our clients. Need to finish for a big event? Wanting to have a fence or gate installed before an important get together? We’ve got you covered! If you have any questions regarding a Minnetonka Ornamental Fence installation or quote near Minnetonka, Wayzata, Hopkins, Edina, Golden Valley, Plymouth, Medina, Shorewood, Chanhassen, Bloomington or even Minneapolis, feel free to visit us at www.minnetonkafencebuilders.com or message us at info@minnetonkafencebuilders.com. You can also reach us by simply giving us a call at (952)522-4611! We are here to serve you.