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    If you already have a fence or gate installed and simply need a repair or restoration, we can help! From chipped wood to a broken vinyl post, we’ve got you covered! There is no fence or gate too big or too small for us to repair. If you have a metal fence, wood fence, vinyl fence, ornamental fence or chain link fence on your property, it will most likely need to be repaired in the years to come. It is for this reason that you are here to help! We try our best in repairing or restoring any fence or gate back to life. If the cost of your fence or gate is not worth restoring or repairing, we will definitely let you know! Providentially, we at Minnetonka Fence Builders ensure that your fence and gate will be in the best condition.


    Although fences can be durable and long lasting, they are subject to wear and tear over the years like everything else in life. Effects of aging can also take their toll and result in discoloration, rotting, deteriorating, having loose posts and even slanted fencing to name a few potential problems. With that being said, it is suggested that a fence or gate be inspected by yourself as the owner or by a Minnetonka Fence Builder annually, to reduce any future costly repairs. We offer full inspection, replacement, or general repairs of all types of fence and gates, no matter what the shape or size is. No matter what condition your fence is in, our highly skilled and knowledgeable team is ready to take on the job!


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    While fences and gates can be different, they often share comparisons in structure and materials used to build them. Whether you have a wooden gate or a chain link fence, our expert team is on hand and ready to assist with any restoration or repair process. Although the fence and gates are not structural, it is still important to take into consideration how it is built. A poorly dug hole that does not have sufficient depth for a fence or gate post can cause future issues down the line such as a fallen fence or a lopsided gate.


    It is also important that a fence and gate be built correctly. In times of heavy rain, strong winds or large snowfall, a fence or gate needs to withstand nature’s unpredictable weather results. That’s why at Minnetonka Fence Builders, we ensure that our fence and gates are built with the utmost integrity, giving our clients and customers the most out of their investment.


    Have a caged fence or gate that houses your domestic animals? Have a caged fence or gate that houses your farm animals? We understand that even these sturdy gates and fences that have been built to keep your animals safe are subject to repair or restoration. At Minnetonka Fence Builders, we can help restore worn torn fences from daily animal activity. Don’t hesitate in contacting us! We will be more than happy to help. If you have any questions regarding a Minnetonka Fence Repair near Minnetonka, Wayzata, Hopkins, Edina, Golden Valley, Plymouth, Medina, Shorewood, Chanhassen, Bloomington or even Minneapolis, feel free to visit us at www.minnetonkafencebuilders.com or message us at info@minnetonkafencebuilders.com. You can also reach us by simply giving us a call at (952) 522-4611! We are here to serve you.