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    Minnetonka Fence Builders is your local professional fencing contractor for metal fences, wood fences, vinyl fences, ornamental fences, chain link fences, security screens, gates, railings, fence repairs and fence restoration needs. If requesting an in-person estimate at your property, our expert Minnetonka staff will arrive on time as scheduled to give you a reasonable quote. Once we finalize what you’re looking for, we guarantee you receive the customized fence you envisioned it to be.

    Sometimes, property lines can play a big factor in neighborly arguments. Fences are one of the best ways to prevent these future disputes. While you may be fond of your current neighbors, there are always potential factors that are subject to change this when it comes to getting along with the people next door. Without fencing, it can be tough to distinguish where your property line is, and by building a durable fence, this will help prevent any confusion to outline the accurate borderlines between your property and your neighbor’s.


    With different fencing materials and types of fences to choose from, we look forward to giving your property the security and protection it needs. We understand that choosing a material or type is challenging, but our professional fencing contractors are here to help you find the right one. Fences are an excellent means to escalate the aesthetics side of your property as well as the value. There are various choices to choose from that are available for all. An expertly planned and built fence can not only make a location secure and safe, but also private. Selecting a fence that suits your property is as vital as guaranteeing it structures the correct qualities of safety and seclusion. Your fence must not only be sturdy but must also match the color scheme and style of your property. Whatever it may be, we can help! Whether over the phone or in person, we can give you a free consultation. We look forward to turning your vision into reality!


    What is the purpose of a fence? Is it for security and privacy? Is it to keep intruders and trespassers out? Is it to protect your most prized possessions? Is it to increase the value and aesthetics of your property? Is it all of the above? As we discussed this in the previous section, what is YOUR main purpose in deciding whether or not to invest in a fence for your property? There is a reason why you’ve come to our site and we at Minnetonka Fence Builders truly believe you haven’t stumbled across our page by accident. What better way than to contact us directly to install your newly built fence! Now is the time to choose our team to get your project done right the first time! All our services exist to meet client satisfaction at reasonable prices.


    We appreciate your feedback! Leave us a message or connect with us on social media. You can follow us on FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube to see our recent and latest projects in Minnetonka, Minnesota! If you’re in need of fence building services, you’ve come to the right place.

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    Metal Gates

    Our Fence Builder experts will give your Minnetonka space an amazing transformation that will give it beautiful curb appeal!

    Wood Gates

    For the best wood gates in your minnetonka area contact your Minnetonka Fence Builders for astounding results. Give us a call now!

    Vinyl Gates

    Looking for a cost effective way to update your Minnetonka space and also give it a stunning appeal? Look no more, Minnetonka Fence Builders is here for you!

    Ornamental Iron


    Give your outdoor space added value and warmth by calling Minnetonka Fence Builders in Minnetonka, MN!

    Fence Repair & Restoration

    Let us help you fix or repair that fence that needs some TLC and give your something aethstetically pleasing to look at! Call Minnetonka Fence Builders not for your free estimate!


    Minnetonka Fence Builders Near Me

    Minnetonka, Minnesota is a suburban city in Hennepin County which is approximately nine miles from Minneapolis. It was stated by the 2020 census that the population of Minnetonka was about 53,781. The name “Minnetonka” derives from the Dakota and Ojibwe tribe language where “mni” means water and “tonka” means big. With Lake Minnetonka as being one of the most visited places in Minnetonka by visitors and locals, it is a place to be seen and appreciated.


    Prior to Euro-Americans settling in Minnetonka in the early 1800’s, the city of Minnetonka was said to be a sacred land by the Native American tribes. Minnetonka evolved from being an area of mostly wilderness, to an area of farming and industrialization, to now being predominantly a suburban and residential area. With so much history in the city of Minnetonka, it truly makes it a place to be visited and enjoyed.


    Whether you vacation in Minnetonka or own a home in Minnetonka, this welcoming small suburban city is a quiet and friendly place for all who are looking for a peaceful place to retreat to. From the 23 bays of Minnetonka Lake to the rushing waters of Minnehaha Falls, we look forward to you coming to stay awhile and experience what our city has to offer. And if you decide to stay, give us a call to get a quality fence built in Minnetonka, Minnesota!

    #1 Minnetonka Fence professionals in Minnetonka, Minnesota - Minnetonka Fence Builders
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    Why use Minnetonka Fence Builders? What makes us different from other fence contractors? We specialize in building long lasting fences or gates, providing your commercial or residential location the protection it needs by deterring trespassers and intruders from entering your property. Whether it is people or animals you are wanting to keep out, we can help! At Minnetonka Fence Builders, we understand that fences and gates are not only made to keep intruders out, but to also keep things such as valuable belongings, pets, livestock or children in. We know that one of the most essential reasons for installing a fence on your property is for security purposes. Fences and gates help guard your treasured possessions and most importantly protects you and your family from potential danger. Using only the best fencing material, we ensure you receive exactly what you pay for. As a locally owned and operated business, we are here to help you if you're located in Minnetonka, Minnesota or the surrounding areas. Our team of experts are the best choice for any of your commercial, residential or industrial projects. Whether you are a business owner or landlord, we will be pleased to serve you! While using only the top-rated fencing supplies, we make sure we apply this key element to produce what is visually pleasing to you, turning your vision into a reality. We install metal fences, wood fences, vinyl fences, ornamental fences, chain link fences, security screens, gates, railings, fence repairs and fence restoration! There is no job too big or small for our fencing contractors near you in Minnetonka. We are prepared for any residential project you have as well as any big commercial project you need done. With fair prices and excellent work, we refuse to do anything less than perfect! Look no further and give us a call at (952)522-4611 for a FREE estimate!


    With years of experience, our professional fencing builders offers services in Minnetonka and in nearby cities such as Hopkins, Plymouth, Glen Lake, Groveland, Oak Terrace, Minnetonka Mills, Woodland, Deephaven, Mound, Edina, Oak Knoll, Wayzata, Greenwood, Carver Beach, Savage, Victoria, Richfield, Corcoran, Burnsville, Eden Prairie, Rowland, Excelsior, Chanhassen, Saint Louis Park, Delano, Watertown, Mayer, Bloomington, Minnetonka Beach, Waconia and more!

    #1 Minnetonka Fence professionals in Minnetonka, Minnesota - Minnetonka Fence Builders


    #1 Minnetonka Fence professionals in Minnetonka, Minnesota - Minnetonka Fence Builders


    #1 Minnetonka Fence professionals in Minnetonka, Minnesota - Minnetonka Fence Builders


    #1 Minnetonka Fence professionals in Minnetonka, Minnesota - Minnetonka Fence Builders